Simply Strategic Growth

Simply Strategic Growth

If you want to reach people with the love of Jesus, you want your church to grow. If you want people to know they matter to God, you want your church to grow.

Regardless of your church's current attendance or membership, this book is full of practical strategies and do-able steps to help you draw people who are looking for God (whether or not they know it) to your church. These 99 short, snappy chapters will challenge you - beyond theory - to explore the heart of your church and catalyze  a movement toward Christ in your community.

Your church can attract a crowd; your crowd can meet Jesus. Buy a copy of this book for every staff member and key volunteer leader in your church!

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Why Would I Give Them Away?

  1. When the publisher went out of business, I bought all their remaining supply of books. So I have HUNDREDS of remaining copies.
  2. I will be moving soon. I'd much rather give them away rather than pay to move them to a new location.