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Tim Stevens is a leader like you—he’s learning every day. Like you, he wants to be a better leader. Like you, he’s juggling taking care of his team, executing a to-do-list, and helping the organization to succeed. Click the “Subscribe” button below to have a front-row seat to what Tim is learning—and you will be taking a step toward becoming a smarter leader.

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"Tim Stevens is a leader’s leader and leader of leaders. He not only talks about it, but actually does it. Smart leadership is both theory and practice, and Fairness is Overrated provides both. This book is practical, helpful, applicable, and time-tested. Whether a pastor or CEO, this book will help you be a better leader. I highly recommend it."

Brad Lomenick, author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership

"The most helpful part of the executive pastor coaching network was networking and discussions with other Executive Pastors. Tim Stevens is a wealth of knowledge and experience, so that was huge to be under his leadership this whole time."



"You need to do this coaching group. It's fantastic. I've been an XP for 9 years and in ministry for almost 18. In my time, it's the single best investment I've made in my growth. It helped propel me through a few growth barriers and helped take the way I think to another level."



"Tim Stevens has written a guide to leadership and life that comes in bite-size portions but offers deep and hard-fought wisdom. You'll feel like you're having a conversation with a leader worth following. Because you will be."

John Ortberg, best-selling author, speaker, and senior pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, California, on Fairness is Overrated