After 6 years of hosting a coaching network for executive pastors, I've had the privilege of working with 129 leaders from all over the United States. It truly has been a highlight for me and has turbo-charged my own learning. As a bonus, I've enjoyed the new friendships with these leaders, and enjoy keeping up with their growth.

This past spring, I hosted my first Coaching Network in Houston. We had a great group of pastors from all over the country join us in the offices of Vanderbloemen Search Group.

Today I am happy to announce that we are opening registration for our fall Executive Pastor Coaching Network in Houston with some tremendous guest speakers and cool perks. Here are some fun facts...

·       It is called the Executive Pastor Coaching Network, and is ideally targeted for executive pastors or any church leader at the executive level.

·       We are hosting this in Houston, Texas, at the offices of Vanderbloemen Search Group. Houston is a great place to visit! You’ll get to experience some awesome restaurants in one of the best food cities in the country.

·       We will meet together six full days this fall: October 27-29 and December 8-10

·       I'm bringing in three leaders who will each spend an entire day with us. These are individuals who have taught me much and for whom I have the highest respect:

o   Tony Morgan, the Chief Strategic Officer and founder of He is a sought-after consultant, leadership coach, and writer who helps churches get unstuck and have a bigger impact.

·       William Vanderbloemen, the President and CEO of Vanderbloemen Search Group and co-author of NEXT: Pastoral Succession That Works. William has been able to combine over 15 years of ministry experience as a Senior Pastor with the best practices of executive search to help churches build great teams.

·       Stay tuned for the unveiling of our third leader!

·       In addition, we will study several leadership or management books together and talk through tough leadership issues that every church leader faces but can't always discuss.

The type of leader who will be interested in this coaching is serious about learning and wants to invest the time and money for a high-level, intimate experience. You are likely the person for whom conferences and seminars no longer hold as much value. You crave rubbing shoulders with proven leaders, asking questions and having time to drill down on your issues. You understand the value of extended time with leaders whom you respect and admire.

These are some sentiments that some past leaders have shared:

It’s always good to have multiple people to call on when you run into something you haven't seen or done before.
I believe in many ways it's more helpful than seminary.
Environments like this are hard to find. Developing relationships in this type of setting can help propel ministry forward for years to come. The years of experience Tim brings to the room help in the moment and future.

We are limiting registrations to 15 leaders—and expect to fill up quickly. We began accepting applications last week, and will close registration when it is full. If this is the type of experience you believe would benefit you, then consider submitting your application soon.

Application and more information available here.

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