You Have One Job


If you have a job, you likely have a boss. Maybe you call them a supervisor, or director—but unless you are self-employed, you have a boss.

And with your boss, you have one job: Make him or her a success.

Here are six suggestions…

  •  Lighten your boss’s load. His job may look easy to you, but your assumption that you could do it better will only lead to demotion or disunity. Find every way you can to make life easier for your boss. He is carrying pressures you know nothing about. Look for ways to make his job easier.

  • Make her as much money as you possibly can. This doesn’t apply the same way if you work for a non-profit or church, but for everyone else, your job is to put as much money in the pockets of your boss and owner. Those who are focused on the success of the company will also be rewarded.

  • Stand up for him. He will have to make some unpopular decisions—some that you may not agree were the best decisions. It doesn’t matter. He has information you don’t have. Believe the best, and stand with him in those decisions. Help make life easier for him, especially when he has to deliver bad news.

  • Give her credit. This is a hard one. Sometimes you must swallow your pride and give your boss credit even when she wasn’t directly involved. Maybe she planted the idea, but you did all the work. Get used to using the word “we” instead of “I”. Rather than celebrating “my team” – put the focus on “our team.”

  • Minimize his faults or weaknesses. I promise you…your boss isn’t perfect. His weaknesses will likely surface quickly, especially if you are in a high-pressure or fast-paced work environment. Use your strengths to cover for his weaknesses. Use your integrity to model respect toward him, even when he messes up or lashes out. 

  • Defend publicly, confront privately. Make sure you have your boss’s back in public. Let there be no light of separation between you and your boss with your team or your customers. However, don’t be a “yes” man or woman. When you are with your boss one-on-one, lobby strongly for what you believe in. Make your case. When necessary, speak truth to power. But then stand together when you walk out of the room.

Remember, you have one job – make your boss a success. Take a step this week with one of these six suggestions.

Tim Stevens4 Comments