A New, Cutting-Edge Way to Reach More People

Recently Taylor Snodgrass started a new company called Pixel Kit Media, aimed at giving churches of all sizes access to great art. Although I'm a bit biased (Taylor married my daughter), I think churches everywhere need to pay attention to this organization and get in at the beginning. I chatted with Taylor to hear more about what Pixel Kit Media is all about and how it began ...

  • What is Pixel Kit Media?
Design by Pixel Kit Media

Design by Pixel Kit Media

Pixel Kit Media is an online resource for churches to get great, cutting edge design. Churches can subscribe to Pixel Kit Media for only $19.99 / month and get a kit for a sermon series as well as five unique social media graphics. All of our graphics come as you see them on our site, but churches will also get layered, Photoshop files so they can change the name of the series, move stuff around if they want, add their church’s logo or whatever they want to make it their own! Ultimately, we want to give churches a place where they can find incredible design without having to bust their budget.

  • Where did this idea come from?

My business partner, Sarah, and I used to work together at Cross Point Church in Nashville. We were talking one day about design and design in the church specifically. A lot of churches struggle with getting great design because hiring quality designers is expensive, and having a designer on staff just isn’t in the budget for most churches. However, we didn’t feel like money should be the reason that the church isn’t on the cutting-edge of art. Especially because people are bombarded with visual messages each and every day, the church often times gets lost in the fray. We’re both passionate about design and design in the church, so after we talked about how we could equip the church, Pixel Kit Media was born. That’s the abridged version.

  • What’s the vision behind Pixel Kit Media?
Design by Pixel Kit Media

Design by Pixel Kit Media

We know that as a church, it can be hard to get noticed. People are constantly seeing advertising, social media and all kinds of other design in their everyday lives. Because of that, they're tuning out what we know is a message that could change their lives. It's hard to compete with the quality of the designs that other companies use, especially when churches don't have the budget of big companies! That's why we created Pixel Kit Media. We exist to provide great, customizable art that won't bust a church’s budget. We want the church to not get lost in the noise. We want the church to have access to design that stands out and makes people want to engage with the church. At the end of the day, we want people to get great art and reach more people.

  • Who are you trying to reach?

We really want to reach churches that are trying to reach more people. So honestly, all churches! We believe that great-looking design can be the thing that piques people’s interest in your church. However, paying a salary for a designer or even paying a great designer to contract for your church is expensive and not something many churches can afford. So we want to be a resource for those churches. We think that $19.99 / month is a price that almost every church can afford in their budget, and the quality of design they’re getting would cost hundreds of dollars in the contract world.

  • What is your background?
Design by Pixel Kit Media

Design by Pixel Kit Media

I am the Multi-Site Creative Director at Cross Point Church in Nashville. That means I lead our design and video teams as well as overseeing all of our campuses. I work to make sure that every time someone walks in one of our Cross Point campuses, they’re having a consistent experience. Sarah has over a dozen years of experience designing for anything you can think of. She worked as Cross Point’s designer for a couple of years, she’s designed for a record label in Nashville and she’s done freelance work for countless clients in all kinds of fields.

  • Where do you see Pixel Kit Media in the next year? Five years?

We would love to see Pixel Kit Media be a resource for churches all across America because we believe that if churches all over America are using Pixel Kit Media, they’ll cut through the noise in their communities and see more and more people come to their church.


I'm excited to see the impact Pixel Kit Media has on churches across the country and proud of the work Taylor and Sarah are doing.