Friday Finds - Positivity, Vision-Casting, and Mentorship

Photo by  Warren Wong  on  Unsplash

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

My heartbeat starts to speed up when I read a good leadership article. This week I've been driving a ton, and so listening to leadership articles and books. I can't think of a much better feeling than learning a new tidbit about how to be a better leader. It never gets old, and I pray that continues until I'm at least 103 years old. 

Enjoy the articles I've discovered this week:

4 Ways to Stay Positive in Work and Life via Michael Hyatt

For most of us, positivity has a way of coming and going when it pleases; it becomes a response to an event rather than an action towards a goal. In this article by Michael Hyatt, he makes the case for intentional positivity - in both work and life situations.  

How To Develop A Compelling Vision For Your Organization by Jay Mitchell via Vanderbloemen Search Group

Many leaders desire to grow their organization and team but are missing a crucial piece of the equation: vision. In this post, my colleague, Jay Mitchell, shares the key to building and maintaining a lasting organization. 

The Surprising Stress That Comes With Being An Entrepreneur by William Vanderbloemen via Forbes 

If you’re under the impression that being an entrepreneur is an easy job, you should probably read this. In this article, my friend (and entrepreneur) William Vanderbloemen details the not-so-exciting dark side of the entrepreneurial life through the lens of his own personal experience.

7 Easy Ways To Blow It With a Mentor via Carey Nieuwhof

Mentorship is a key ingredient to building successful leaders. However, some attitudes and behaviors can stifle the mentor-mentee relationship from the beginning. In this post, leadership expert Carey Nieuwhof gives examples of the practices that should be avoided at all costs.

What are some articles you've read this week? Let us know in the comments below. 

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