Friday Finds - PTO, Working Environments and Influential Leadership

Photo by  Ben White  via  Unsplash

Photo by Ben White via Unsplash

Faith and I are gearing up for our annual "kidless" vacation. We've been doing this every year during our entire 27 years of marriage. It was hard when the kids were little and we had to farm them out to willing relatives or friends, but we always made it a priority for the strength of our marriage. With vacation on my mind, maybe that's why I found this first article especially interesting...

This Is Who Takes The Least Vacation In The U.S. by Lydia Dishman via Fast Company

Are you a vacation-fanatic or a workaholic? Studies show that gender, region, and age play a large role in determining this trait. In this fascinating article, Lydia Dishman explains the various factors that influence a person's desire to use (or ignore) paid time-off. 

How To Influence Without A Title by Heather Snodgrass via Weaving Influence

A person's title can dramatically impact how influential they are to others in the workplace. So how do you influence the people around you without a flashy title? Heather Snodgrass encourages readers by giving 6 tactics to grow their influence, regardless of current position. 

Six Habits Of People Who Know How To Bring Out The Best In Others by Stephanie Vozza via Fast Company

What does it take to lead, encourage, and motivate people well? In this incredibly relevant piece, Stephanie Vozza highlights six characteristics of leaders that bring out the best in others. The application of these traits could mean the difference between an effective and an ineffective team. 

5 Fool-Proof Steps To Ensure A Healthy Working Environment by Casey Hampton via Vanderbloemen Search Group

Higher productivity begins with the working environment, which begins with the leader. Have you created a place where your employees can thrive? My colleague Casey Hampton gives 5 steps to make sure that your workplace environment is top-notch. 

What are some articles you've read recently? Let me know in the comments below. 

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