Friday Finds - Bad Bosses, Recruiting, and The Underdog

Photo by  Matthew Henry  via Burst

Photo by Matthew Henry via Burst

In a few days, Faith and I will leave for our once-a-year, never-missed-in-27-years, without-the-kids vacation. We've made this a priority to invest in our relationship. And I can't wait! If you'd like to follow along on our shenanigans, you can subscribe to my Facebook or Instagram. In the meantime, here are some leadership articles I think are interesting...

How To Respond To A Culture You Don't Like Anymore via Carey Nieuwhof

Regardless of your place in an organization, the cultural shift of our society has a large impact on all of us. Smart leaders need to know (or learn, quickly) how to effectively adapt to a changing world. Learn the best and worst practices for leaders in these wise words written by Carey Nieuwhof.

How America's Dullest City Got Cool by Colin Woodard via Politico

Who doesn't love a good underdog story? Read Colin Woodard's inspirational piece to learn the story of how one city changed its fate by "rebranding" itself. It reminds me why it's never out-of-bounds to bet on the underdog. 

This Is Where You'll Find Your Next New Employee by Stephanie Vozza via Fast Company

The hiring game is changing. And your organization needs to get on board if you want to find the best people for your team. In this article, Stephanie Vozza provides intriguing data on where companies are now finding their key people. (Hint: it's not a job board.) 

What To Do When You Work For A Bad Leader - Rainer on Leadership #346 via Thom Rainer

You might be lucky and have never personally experienced working under poor leadership. You may not even know what poor leadership looks like. Most likely, though, you've probably had at least one bad leader in your lifetime. I know I have. On this podcast episode, Thom Rainer outlines the signs of poor leadership and what you can do about it. 

What are some articles you've read recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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