Friday Finds - Ruined Interviews, Pure Luck, & Uber's Mistakes

As I publish this week's Friday Finds, I am driving from Texas to Ohio. Tomorrow, we will be celebrating the graduation of our daughter, Megan, from college--and bringing her and Hunter (and all their stuff) back home. It was just yesterday that we dropped her off at college, and the day before that she was going to kindergarten for the first time. Time passes so quickly. Looking back over the past 24 years of parenting, I'm glad we have few regrets. Someday I'll write more about that, but for now, here are some of my favorite leadership finds this week:

The Surprising Ways You Ruined Your Interview Before You Even Opened Your Mouth by Anisa Purbasari Horton via Fast Company

I spend the majority of my days meeting with others, often interviewing candidates for the churches I am representing in their staff member searches. And I am consistently amazed by the amount of smart, qualified candidates who still could use a little common-sense interview coaching. If you're looking for a job, or will be at any point in the future (i.e. everyone), please read this and take it to heart.

Why It’s Easy (And Wrong) To Think Growing Churches Simply Won The Lottery by Carey Nieuwhof via

Too often, church leaders look at churches growing faster than their own and think, "Well, they just got lucky because of location, demographic, divine favor, ________" [you fill in your own blank]. But that's lazy, that's qualifying or downplaying others' successes, and it's making excuses. Yes, church growth is always a result of God growing his church, but if we want our church to grow, we need to step up and do everything we can to learn more and let Him use us more effectively.

Jason Miller on the Newsworthy with Norsworthy Podcast via

My friend, Jason Miller (who I worked with for years at Granger Church and am so grateful to be partnering with starting South Bend City Church in Indiana) was recently featured on Luke Norsworthy's podcast. He's a church leader with a lot of wisdom to share - listen to him and he talks about church planting, singleness, silence, and praying in community.

How Uber's CEO Missed The Moment That Could Save His Company by William Vanderbloemen via Forbes

No matter what you think of Uber, this article by my friend William wisely points out the grave dangers of 1) not investing time and money into staff culture, and 2) not being a humble, teachable leader. If you're a church leader who hasn't gotten the "team culture is of utmost importance" memo yet, let this extreme example be a lesson for you.

What are you reading or listening to this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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