Friday Finds - Succession Planning, Communication Styles, & Hate Mail

Photo by Michael Henry via Unsplash

Photo by Michael Henry via Unsplash

I had a full week including an opportunity to spend several days with the team at The City Church in Seattle. I always enjoy seeing what God is doing through so many different leaders and churches across the country. I am encouraged every week by the strength of the leaders in the churches and organizations we work with. Here are some articles I've found to help you lead better this week. 

Succession Planning Needs To Be Your No. 1 Priority by Stuart R. Levine via Forbes Insights

We have a phrase at Vanderbloemen Search Group that "every pastor is an interim pastor". This couldn't be more true, for churches and businesses alike. Regardless of your industry, having a succession plan in place is crucial for the long-term health of your organization. Read Stuart Levine's awesome insights in his post for Forbes. 

When I Allow Someone to Fail and When I Come to the Rescue via Ron Edmondson

Failure is a key component of success. As a leader, deciding whether to let your staff members fail or rescue them is a fine line, determined on a case-to-case basis. Ron Edmondson details the complexities of this position and how leaders can be encouraged to act in the future. 

How To Maximize Effectiveness With Different Church Staff Communication Styles by Meredith Mohr via Vanderbloemen Search Group

Healthy organizations know the value of staff communication. Even healthier organizations recognize that there are various communication styles on a staff team. In this article, my colleague Meredith Mohr gives a few tips on how leaders can maximize productivity and cohesion in the workplace through communication. 

Five Steps to Respond to a Hurtful and Hateful Email via Thom Rainer

Leading a business, church, or organization can be difficult, especially when there are plenty of voices constantly weighing in on your decisions. A hateful email is nothing to quit your profession over, but is also not something to overlook. Check out Thom Rainer's advice for dealing with "hate mail" in the most effective and loving way possible.  

What are you reading or listening to this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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