Friday Finds - The Summer Slump, United Airlines, and Burnout

Photo by Sunset Girl via Unsplash

Photo by Sunset Girl via Unsplash

It's been a full week week on both the family and work fronts. Megan and Hunter have been home from college, so we spent some good family time together. Also, I spent the weekend with the leadership team at Bayside Church in Roseville, California. I'm very excited to be working with them on behalf of Vanderbloemen to help fill one of their most crucial leadership positions. I trust the week has been productive for you as are some articles I've found to help you lead better this week. 

Why United Is Coming Back, And Why Uber Is Not by William Vanderbloemen via Forbes

As a personal fan of United Airlines myself, it was nice to read my friend William Vanderbloemen's take on the latest issues regarding United and Uber. This article has gone viral since it was published a few days ago. I know you'll appreciate reading his valuable insights on how a company can save itself from a modern day PR nightmare. 

3 Important Steps You Can Take to STOP the Summer Slump by Joe Sangl via

Summer is quickly approaching, and church leaders need to be preemptively fighting against the inevitable drop in attendance and participation. Rather than becoming discouraged, use these three steps to help motivate your church staff team in a season of congregational drought. 

How I Recovered From Burnout: 12 Keys To Finding Your New Normal via Carey Nieuwhof

Burnout in ministry is real, but can sometimes be prevented when it can be identified early on. However, if you are a leader already in the midst of a season of burnout, take hope in these 12 recovery steps from Carey Nieuwhof. 

Podcast: A Journey In Discovering Spiritual Gifts with Sam Storms via Vanderbloemen Search Group

In my opinion, the healthiest churches are the ones that understand the spiritual gifts of its staff. This is the key to unlocking the full potential of your church staff leadership team. Check out this week's Vanderbloemen Search Group Podcast with Sam Storms for insights on building and leading your team. 

What are you reading or listening to this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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