Friday Finds - Losing Staff, Pastors' Fears, & Practical Culture-Building

This week I had the privilege of leading the Executive Pastor Coaching Network, and, as always, I learned so much from the group. On one of the days, we sat under the coaching of Dave Lonsberry, executive pastor from Christ Fellowship in Miami. All in all, a busy week, but an extremely rewarding week.

Here are some articles to help you be a better leader this week:

Why You Lose Your Best Volunteers And Staff by Stephen Brewster via

As everyone knows, people don't quit organizations, they quit people. And when talented people quit, it's almost always painful. Have you thought long and hard about the reasons you might've lost some high capacity staff members in the past? Read this great post from Stephen Brewster.

20 Fears Pastors Tell Me They Are Facing by Brian Dodd via Brian Dodd On Leadership

One of the things they don't tell you when you're young is that being a leader can be lonely. Being a church leader can be even more lonely. Pastors deal with a myriad of fears that can be difficult to confide in others. If you've dealt with any of these fears, read this blog by Brian Dodd and know that you're not alone. (If you are a senior pastor, I'd also encourage you to check out our Lead Pastor Coaching Network, where you can talk about these types of issues in a safe space.)

The Crazy Way We Work by Michael Hyatt via

Michael Hyatt's team has created an awesome infographic on the work habits of today's workforce. What is eating into our productivity? Check out this cool infographic and start to be more mindful about your distractions, your sleep, and your work/life boundaries.

How To Build Systems For Great Staff Culture with Katie Viscontini [Podcast] via Vanderbloemen Search Group

We've gotten a ton of listens and positive feedback for this recent podcast. How is it different from any other article or book on staff culture? Because it's insanely practical. Learn how the Vanderbloemen team (rated in the Top 5 Company Cultures nationwide by Entrepreneur two years in a row & in Houston's Best Places To Work two years in a row) has set scalable systems in place to ensure our great team culture continues to thrive.

What are you reading this week? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. I'm excited to speak at the Thrive Conference in California on Mar 23. If you're in California and attending, make sure to come by and say hi! Or you can register here:

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