Friday Finds - Football, Back-To-School Time, & Better Leadership

Last week, I got to attend the Notre Dame - Texas game with my son, Taylor (Go Irish!). Not only did we have a blast cheering on our team alongside some very hospitable Longhorn fans, but it also inspired some spirited discussion about teams and leadership. Notre Dame is a young team now, and they need strong leadership now more than ever. (Side note: 102,000 fans is a bunch of people. That's 51 megachurches all in one location!)

Here are some of my favorite leadership articles from this week. What are yours? Tell me in the comments below.

4 Ways Your Good Intentions As A Leader Can Kill Performance by Ron Carucci via Forbes

As church leaders, does our drive and our dedication ever contain traces of our own selfishness or ego? In our effort to lead our team well, are we actually hurting the morale or the growth?  This insightful, probing, and humbling article by Ron Carucci is a must-read for all leaders.

Why Discomfort Is Good For You by Michael Hyatt via

I was challenged by this quick read. Michael Hyatt describes the jaw-dropping achievements of distance runner Dean Karnazes, who says, "Western culture has things a little backwards right now. We think that if we had every comfort available to us, we’d be happy..." As Hyatt points out, discomfort propels growth. How can we push ourselves and our team toward healthy discomfort, toward more adventure, more striving, and more growth? 

At Great Companies, It's Always "Back-To-School" Time by Michael E. Gerber via Inc.

The timeliness of this headline caught my eye, and the article is very applicable to church staffs. Does your team get caught in the rut of "this is how we've always done it," or are you constantly learning and innovating about how to keep reaching more people or better serving your community? On my team at Vanderbloemen, "Constant Improvement" is one of our core values, and this post from Michael Gerber really inspired me in this area this week.

How The New Overtime Regulations Will Affect Churches with David Middlebrook via Vanderbloemen Search Group

"This is a half-hour discussion that all church leaders and administrators need to hear," wrote one commentor on this podcast. With the FLSA's new regulations going into effect this December, it is vital that church leaders listen to this and develop a plan. Don't just assume you're exempt, because, as David Middlebrook states, you're probably not.

What are you reading this week? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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