Friday Finds - Job Hopping Millennials And Why You're Believing Lies


The world went back to school over the last couple of weeks, including two of our kids who are at Cedarville University. I got to spend some time with Megan and Hunter in their dorm a couple nights ago on my way through Ohio. I'm thankful that I get to see family sometimes as I jet across the country visiting with pastors and church leaders.

Here are some of my favorite leadership articles from this week. What are yours? Tell me in the comments below.

Millennials Can't Afford To Job Hop by Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Joan Snyder Kuhl via HBR

Millennials have gotten a bad rap as lazy and disloyal job hoppers, but new data from the Center for Talent Innovation trump this assumption by proving that millennials are actually ready to commit to employers who will invest in them. Why? Money. Read what Hewlett and Kuhl have to say about this fascinating data about the largest generation in the workforce.

6 Slideshare Decks To Make You A Better Speaker by Stacey MacNaught via Inc

I've never been the world's best speaker, but I enjoy figuring out how to do it better. Learning the power of persuasion through public speaking is helpful, whether you're speaking to a team of three people or an audience of thousands. Public speaking is an art, not a science, and MacNaught provides six great resources to inspire you to be a better speaker.

5 Reasons Great Candidates Aren't Joining Your Church Staff by William Vanderbloemen

I've learned so much from William in the last two years, and his article hits the nail on the head when it comes to hiring for your church staff. If you feel frustrated because you can't seem to recruit great candidates to your church staff, read William's advice on why that's happening.

How Your Brain Keeps You Believing Crap That Isn't True by Bob Nease via FastCompany

If I've learned anything in 25 years of leading teams, it's that leadership can be lonely. I see many leaders believe lies that they aren't good enough or they're failing their team. I'm intrigued with studies about the brain, and this article breaks down the science for why our brain make mental shortcuts.

What are you reading this week? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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