Friday Finds - Vision, Body Language, & Slash Careers

Photo by Capital Standard via Unsplash

Photo by Capital Standard via Unsplash

My daughter Megan was in town this week, so we explored some of Houston. We all got to try the famous Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack. It’s been fun to show our kids our new city when they come visit.

Here are a few articles I've gathered to help you lead smarter this week. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

7 Ways Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words by Jacqueline Whitmore via Entrepreneur

Although it is said 'don't judge a book by its cover', first impressions are a very real consideration in the workplace. Jacqueline Whitmore gives 7 keys to putting your best foot forward and making a good impression from the start.

Why You Should Hire People With 'Slash Careers' by William Vanderbloemen via Forbes

What's the big secret in building an effective team? Hire people with 'slash careers;' that is, hire the people who spend time on their interests outside of the workplace. William Vanderbloemen shares why this could be the differentiating factor in building a great team. 

The Dangerous Power of Vision: 6 Steps for Responsibly Stewarding the Power of Vision via Jenni Catron

Great leaders would do well to understand how important vision is to successfully build and lead a team. Thought leader Jenni Catron gives 6 steps to consider when planting a vision for the future of your organization. 

Celebrating 1 Year Of The Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast with William & Holly via Vanderbloemen Search Group

Whether we're helping build church staff teams or advising church leaders during a transition, we've witnessed incredible stories of God working in the Kingdom. This week we celebrated one year of speaking with those leaders and learning from their stories. Check out the special podcast episode hosted by William and Holly. 

What articles have you read this week that have inspired you to be a better leader? Share them with me in the comments below.

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