Friday Finds - Job Perks, Burnout, & Life-Long Callings

This week, I was able to sit down with five different candidates to hear their stories and talk about what might be next for them. These meetings took me to Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Mishawaka, Indiana. So of course, I stopped by my old stomping grounds, Granger Community Church. I was responsible for leading all six building phases, and had a hand in hiring most of the staff--so there are stories and memories behind every square foot (literally) of this place. So grateful to stop by and say hi to friends for a few minutes while in the area.

Here are a few articles we've gathered to help you lead smarter this week. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

5 Things I’ve Learned About Leadership Working With A New Assistant via Carey Nieuwhof

In this refreshingly honest commentary, Carey Nieuwhof shares his personal experience of "starting over" from his assistant of seven years. He reflects on how it has impacted him as a church leader and a Christ follower. He encourages leaders to be introspective through seasons of job transition. 

Why You Shouldn't Hire Someone With A "Life-Long Calling" by David Whiting via Vanderbloemen Search Group

When I first read the title, I was skeptical. Am I going to disagree with my new colleague? But as I read the article, I found myself agreeing more with every paragraph. David Whiting explains why leaders should be skeptical of a candidate who claims to have a "life-long calling" to a certain role. 

Proof That Fancy Job Perks Can't Keep Millennials Happy by William Vanderbloemen via Fortune Magazine

It may come as a shock to many leaders, but fancy job perks just aren't cutting it anymore for the next generation. In his most recent Fortune Magazine piece, William Vanderbloemen details the complexities of managing millennials in the workplace. 

5 Ways to Wake Up Without a Ministry by Eric Geiger via Church Leaders

We often hear unfortunate stories of church leaders who, for one reason or another, find themselves burnt out and ill-equipped to lead their congregation. To help combat this season before it occurs, Eric Geiger gives five mistakes to avoid that could potentially lead to pain down the road. 

What articles have you read this week that have inspired you to be a better leader? Share them with me in the comments below.

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