Friday Finds - Star Trek, Overtime, and Mobile Websites

VSG New Office

It's been a crazy month as we've gotten settled into our new offices. Our values permeate every part of our office life, including one wall of the conference room. And they aren't just words--we actually celebrate the living out of our values every day.

I'm excited to pick up Friday Finds again this week. Here are a few articles to help you lead better.

Why I Can't Say "Love the Sinner/Hate the Sin' Anymore by Micah Murray via

In this convicting oped, Micah Murray encourages us to think twice before we call someone or a group of people a sinner, especially as it relates to the homosexual community. He reminds us that we're all sinners and to be careful with the condemning language we often use to describe lifestyle choices.

New Star Trek TV Series Begins Production This Fall via

It's true...I'm a Trekkie. And perhaps even more than that, I'm a big fan of J.J. Abrams. This news that came out a couple weeks ago was very exciting to me, so I thought I'd throw this fun article in here for other leaders out there that are Trekkies as well.

What The New Overtime Regulations Mean For Your Church Staff by Jamie Byrd via

My colleague Jamie has a law background and serves on our Candidate Relations Team at Vanderbloemen Search Group. She wrote this helpful article for church leaders who need to start thinking about how the new overtime regulations will affect their church staff.

27% Of Leading Churches Failed Google's Mobile Website Test by Rich Birch via

Several months ago, Google announced that if a website isn't mobile friendly, it may experience a decrease in its search rankings. Rich tested some of the leading church websites and noticed that many of them are failing Google's mobile-friendly website test. Is your church's website mobile friendly?

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