Friday Finds - Lonely Pastors & When It's Time To Hire

Lonely Pastors

I just got back in Houston from the Exponential church planter's conference in Orlando, FL. I look forward to it every year because I get to hear from pastors and church leaders on the front lines of ministry. Both William and I had the opportunity to talk to leaders about hiring, working with millennials, and setting a vision. It's always refueling for me to get to hear what God is doing in these churches across the country.

Here are a few articles I've gathered to help you lead smarter this week. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

4 Must Have Characteristics of People You Want On Your Team by Kevin Lloyd via

When you're hiring someone for your team, you must look beyond their talent, skill, and qualifications. Your role as the leader is to determine their true character, which is not an easy task. Kevin Lloyd, Executive Pastor of Stevens Creek Church, writes this excellent article to help you spot the must-need characteristics of people you invite to be on your team.

When Is It Smart To Create A New Position? by Dan Reiland via

Many leaders hire new people because they're overwhelmed, but they haven't stopped to assess what the role should look like or where it fits into the overall vision and structure of their team. Dan Reiland, Executive Pastor of 12Stone Church, provides a guide for thinking through if it's time for you to hire a new position. (Dan Reiland will also be a faciliatator at our Executive Pastor Coaching Network this fall - click here to read more and apply.)

Looking For Work? Here's What You Need To Know About Social Media via Chicago Tribune

I interview lots of candidates each week, and one of the key factors I consider is their social media presence. You can learn a lot about a candidate by how they are using social media and their "personal brand" online. I shared some of my thoughts about social media and the job market with the Chicago Tribune. I hope they're helpful to you, whether you're hiring for your team or looking for a new role.

Thoughts On The Rise & Fall Of Pastors by Scott Sauls via

Scott shares a strong and vulnerable message for all of us working in ministry or serving those in ministry. His insights on how pastors and ministry leaders often spiral into depression and how they can set up healthy boundaries in their life are extremely valuable. If you're a ministry leader and struggling emotionally or spiritually today, read this and be encouraged.

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