Friday Finds - Plants, Excuses, Google

I spend a ton of time in airports and on airplanes. I've been asked, "Doesn't that seem like such a waste of time?" Are you kidding? I get so much done while traveling. I'm able to make progress on emails, studying, phone calls, and learning. Sometimes it means I'm sitting on the floor behind a plant, but when you are traveling you learn that your office is wherever you are--and so you make it work. Flight delays typically aren't a big deal, since I can continue to operate and get things done.

Part of "getting things done" is bringing you these Friday Finds. Hopefully you find this adds value to you.

Building A Culture Of Self Improvement by Dan Gribbin via

I'm really tuned into workplace culture. So it was especially fun when we won the Top Company Culture award last year. I found this article especially reflective of the way companies do culture that can impact the lives of their employees even outside the workplace.

8 Emotional Habits That Hold You Back As A Leader by Lolly Daskal via

It's okay to be an emotional leader, but sometimes emotions can get in the way of success. This is a great article about 8 ways to keep your emotions from impacting good decisions.

8 Lame Excuses Church Leaders Make via

And while we are looking at lists of 8's, let's consider this one by Carey Neiuwhof. He really captures excuses that pastors and other church leaders make, like blaming the weather or saying that it is so hard to do church in our city. Have you been making any of these excuses? It might be time to revamp the way you think.

What Google Learned From It's Quest To Build The Perfect Team by Charles Duhhig via

Building a team is not an easy task. This is a really long article about a study within Google to determine why some teams soared and others failed. What did they learn? Treating people with respect and dignity matters. Basically the difference between good teams and bad teams is acting with some basic Christian values. Who says we can't change the world?

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