Friday Finds - Emotions, Chaos, Millennial Turnover

Faith and I have loved exploring Houston. It's a sprawling city (the newest highway "loop" around the city will be a 200-mile drive when complete) with a novel position on zoning which has created a plethora of places to explore. Last night we found Sub Zero where they make ice cream in front of you using liquid nitrogen. And last Sunday we ate at a food truck park just a few miles from our house. Lots of cool finds.

Hopefully these leadership finds will help you just as much. Enjoy.

4 Questions You Must Ask To Close A Sale Or Get Hired by Chris Haroun Via

You can come up with hundreds and hundreds of questions to ask in an interview. Questions to get to know a person's background and skills. It can be easy to forget to ask yourself questions about the person you are considering bringing on your team. In this article, Chris Haroun, offers 4 questions to ask yourself while interviewing to discern if a potential hire will fit your company.

Characteristics Of The Emotionally Unhealthy Leader by Pete Scazzero Via

It's typically not that difficult to spot a thriving, healthy leader. These are the leaders you want serving on the front lines of your ministry. The kinds of leaders you hire. But how do you pick out the emotionally unhealthy leader? The one you may need to reach out and give attention and guidance to. Pete Scazzero gives 4 ways to spot these kinds of leaders.

Hire Fast And Fire Slow Via

Tony and I co-authored a book and included a chapter about long hellos and quick goodbyes. So why did Tony turn around and write a blog post encouraging church leaders to do the opposite? I love his perspective on how to know when your hiring process may be to slow and when your firing process may be too quick.

Leaders Must Develop 6 Competencies To Avoid Causing Chaos by Glenn Llopis Via

I would venture to guess that chaos is something you typically attempt to avoid in your church and on your staff. You probably don't hire people you think will create or foster a chaotic environment. Here are 6 things leaders should learn so they don't unintentionally cause conflict.

Millennial Turnover: Why Employee Retention Is No Longer Realistic Via

Millennials by and large aren't interested in tenure or longevity in their careers. They are staying at companies for less time than any generation before. And it probably doesn't have anything to do with you. 20 somethings and beyond are looking for something different, something new. So what does this mean about the American workplace? Lindsay Pollak explains why it's time to change our expectations for the next generation of workers.

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