Friday Finds - Mistakes, Leisure Time, Introverts

I got the chance to speak at the Texas Ministry Conference this week. I love events like this because they bring together leaders and staff from a variety of different churches and backgrounds. After my workshops, I talked to one leader who is struggling knowing how to help an employee develop; another who is being let go after 20 years of ministry; and a third leader who is planting a church and wanting to make sure his culture develops along with it.

Everyone is asking leadership questions. I hope these articles help you take steps in your own leadership.

Is Lack Of Leisure Time Holding You Back In Your Carreer? by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt via

I talk about creating margin in life a lot. Creating space to pause and breathe and reflect and dream. In this article Luckwaldt talks about how if we don't make time for hobbies or leisure or down time, innovation and productivity will suffer. 

Most Fortune 500 CEO's Don't Use Social Media And That's A-OK by Daniel Newman via

It seems like in this day and age it's rare to find someone who's not engaged in social media on some level. But it turns out that it's increasingly common that the most successful business men and women don't have a strong online presence. I find that intriguing. What do you think?

8 Ways Introverts Socialize Differently by Jenn Granneman via

There's a pretty strong stigma that introverts are hermits that don't like people or socializing. And while most days I would choose a night in over a night out, that doesn't mean that I'm allergic to human interaction. I love Granneman's perspective about introverts and how they approach socializing differently. 

7 Mistakes Leaders Make That Make Everyone Miserable by Travis Bradberry via

Whether you know a leader who makes these mistakes or you are that leader, here is a list of leadership no-nos that will make the people who work and serve with you very unhappy.

3 Ways Church Growth Often Results In A Loss via

All change is loss on some level. As worship culture changes and develops, there will still be people that long for the days of pipe organs. As you grow and add service times, you lose the sense of a close knit community where everyone knows each other's name. Ryan Stigile gives 3 ways to minimize the loss that is felt in seasons of growth.


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