Friday Finds - Face Time, Chipotle, Uber

I enjoyed spending a few days this week in Tennessee consulting with Cookeville Life Church. It's always encouraging to sit around a table with teams that are ready to learn and grow in order to make a greater Kingdom impact.

Here are several articles to get you thinking about how you can lead smarter in your daily life. 

Why Office Face Time Is A Mirage by Michelle Ruiz via

There are lots of intelligent, successful people on both sides of this debate. Should you require your staff to work at their desks during certain hours of the day or do you let them set their own schedules? There's no right answer, but I like the way Ruiz talks about Bill Gates' journey from over-bearing manager to trusting his employees and keeping an eye out for quality work instead of the quantity of hours clocked. 

Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid by Cheryl Conner via

I've seen lots of great, high potential candidates fall victim to many of these pitfalls. The sacred space of job searching forces a person to be in an uncomfortable, vulnerable, scary place. However, if candidates can learn how to become mentally tough in this time, employers will notice.

Chipotle To Close All Stores For An All-Staff Meeting by Kevin McCoy and Katharine Lackey via

Chipotle is a staple in the Stevens' household. Amidst lots of bad press for various food-borne illnesses, this week Chipotle closed it's doors for a short time to refocus. They didn't give up or start over from scratch. They simply asked themselves where the problem was and how they could fix it. So they took a morning and sat down with their employees. They thanked them, answered questions, and retrained food safety procedures. I wonder how many churches could be more effective if they took  time to refocus on their mission and what steps are needed to get there.

Mastering The Transition Of Becoming A Manager To Your Former Co-Workers by Molly Petrilla via

When you work with your friends, finding a balance between work and friend relationships can be hard. It becomes even harder when a co-worker moves to the position of manager or boss. In this article, Petrilla talks about how to navigate this transition and maintain those relationships.

What The Church Can Learn From The Rise Of Uber via

"Ubering" to and from airports and hotels is a regular occurrence as I travel to and from churches around the country. This five year old company has made a massive impact in the transportation industry seemingly overnight. Uber has done what cab companies could not. In this article, Carey Nieuwhof talks specifically about what things they are doing to create a successful business and what churches can learn from them.

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