Friday Finds - Millennials, Sabbaticals, & Perks

This week, I got to hang out at Exponential West, as well as do some training at a seminar session with my friends Shawn Lovejoy (one of his articles below) and Brandon Cox. Then it was off to New Hampshire to hang with a group of Executive Pastors for a couple days. So lots of airplane time to read some great articles that I want to pass along to you this week.

FlexJobs Survey: Millennials More Interested in Travel, Work Flexibility Than Gen X, Baby Boomers by Brie Reynolds via FlexJobs

We've know for a long time that millennials were unique and are changing the workforce, but did you realize that the vast majority of them rank work-life balance and flexibility far more important in a job than even salary? If it isn't already, soon your church staff will be full of millennials. Smart church leaders are paying attention to studies like these.

The 4 Most Common Staff Issues by Shawn Lovejoy via

No matter how great your church staff is, there will be bumps along the road. My friend Shawn breaks down potential staff problems into four simple categories: They're in the wrong seat on the bus, they're missing the bus, they're on the wrong bus, or they're trying to drive the bus. Read on to see how to identify these issues and what to do about them.

3 Reasons Your Pastor Needs a Sabbatical by Sarah Newsome via Vanderbloemen Search Group

As my colleague Sarah points out, burnout in ministry is all too widespread. As church leaders, how can we reverse this trend? We cannot continue to run on fumes and not make it a priority to rest and have our own emotional tanks filled back up. Your ministry depends on it, your family depends on it, and your life may depend on it. Schedule your sabbatical.

The Best Perk At American's Best Employers Is One You Don't See by Carmine Gallo via Forbes

What makes employees love their job more than anything else? What makes them want to go above & beyond in their work? Hint: churches (hopefully) have a leg up when it comes to this perk. Read this insightful article by Carmine Gallo to see this invisible perk that your staff must have.

What are you reading this week? Share your thoughts with me in the comments.

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