Friday Finds - Extroverts, Rejection and Being Too Busy

This week, I left the beautiful 80 degree weather in Houston to spend a few days in the cities of Plymouth and Novi in Michigan. It was cold and even a bit snowy, but that's okay because I got to spend some time with the leaders of two churches amazing churches and talk about how to solve their staffing needs. Oh, and as an added bonus, United invited me to their 90th birthday party! 

Here are this week's articles that I believe will challenge and encourage you as a leader.

Proof You Don't Need To Be An Extrovert To Be A Good Networker by William Vanderbloemen via

The importance of networking is not determined by your personality type. Don’t allow your personality to become an excuse for inaction or bad behavior. These thoughts from William will help clarify networking as a worthwhile practice, not just a natural overflow of someone’s extroverted tendencies.

5 Questions To Ask When Facing Rejection As A Leader via

Rejection is a part of leadership. If you're pushing the envelope and taking risks in your company, there's a good chance that at some point you will get a "no" from someone. How a person responds to rejection speaks volumes about them as a leader. Here are 5 questions to ask to process rejection and take steps to move forward.

Four Reasons Why The Most Successful People Are Great Collaborators by Faisal Hoque via

Collaboration is something we hold as a high value at Vanderbloemen Search Group. We have created an office space that allows for our team to bounce ideas off of each other and work together during the day. In this article, Hoque gives 4 reasons why collaboration leads to success.

3 Warning Signs You're Too Busy To Succeed by Dale Partridge via

Busyness does not always equal productivity. But most of the time as leaders, that's what our actions are portraying. We think the more places we are and the more people we see in a week, the more successful we will feel at the end of it. Even though most of us do this, we know that's not true. Entrepreneur, Dale Partridge shares 3 ways to know if you are too busy.



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