Friday Finds - Overtime, Night Owls, and Developing Leaders

This week I got to spend some time in snowy Michigan with one of our client churches. Great things are happening there, and we're excited to get to partner with them.

Here are this week's 5 articles to help you lead smarter.

I Ran A Successful Business, Why Can't I Run A Successful Church by Karl Vaters via

I coach dozens of executive pastors every year, and many of them have transitioned directly from the marketplace to ministry. I hear from many of them what a challenge this can be! That's why this article caught my eye. Whether you're a business person considering starting a church or you're a veteran church leader, this article has great points about how the church differs from a business and how you must treat it as such. 

The Business Case Against Overtime by Dan Kedmey via

More doesn't always mean better. More desk time doesn't necessarily mean more productivity. Kedmey discusses how consistently working overtime may do more harm than good.

People Who Sleep Late Are Actually Smarter And More Creative by Lauren Martin via

To my fellow night owls, this one's for you. According to recent studies, we tend to be more creative than our early bird counterparts. 

5 Habits Of Exceptionally Likeable Leaders by Dale Patridge via

Dale Patridge, author of People Over Profit and CEO of Sevenly, talks about his journey as a young entrepreneur learning to be a leader that others want to follow.

Developing The Next Generation Of Church Leaders With Dan Reiland Podcast via

In this podcast, William Vanderbloemen talks with Dan Reiland about developing and equipping young leaders in the church. I've followed Dan from a distance for more than two decades, and I have always enjoyed his insights.

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