Friday Finds - Sarcasm, Obama, Immigration, and Questions


We're officially a week into 2016. Have you kept your resolutions so far? Here are some articles to help you consider changes you can make to be a smarter leader this year. 

Why You Should Think Twice About Badmouthing President Obama by Mark Altrogge via

Somewhere along the way we lost the sense of honor and respect that God has called us to bestow upon those in leadership above us. Altrogge gives Biblical evidence to support why we should take a step back when we're tempted to degrade the leader of our nation. 

9 Signs Your Church Is Ready To Reach Unchurched People by via

Is one of your congregation's goals for 2016 to reach more unchurched people in your community? Take a few minutes and read this awesome post from Carey Nieuwhof to help you know if your church is ready for this step. 

3 Kinds Of Questions Smart People Never Ask And The 5 They Do by Jeff Haden via

You've probably heard the phrase, "There's no such thing as a stupid question." Although that may be true, Haden suggests there is such a thing as a wrong question. Are you asking your employees questions that promote collaboration and creativity, or are you asking leading or limiting questions?

Why Sarcastic People Are More Successful by Jessica Stillman via

Check out this fascinating article that talks about how a healthy amount of sarcasm in the workplace can promote creativity and productivity.

Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush debate Mexican border security...

What would Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush say about immigration and securing the Mexican border today?Well, here's what they said about it in 1980 during a GOP debate in Houston.(Archival video from Getty Images)

Posted by Houston Chronicle on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Here's a video that I came across this week and thought was interesting. It shows Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush during a GOP debate in 1980 discussing the immigration issue.

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