Friday Finds - Leading Faithfully, Pastoral Transitions, and Wifi

This week I finished up the final session with my Fall Executive Pastors Coaching Network group. It's been a great time of learning and growing together as leaders. If you're interested in participating in this network in the future or are just curious about what it is, check out our website for more information and instructions on applying for the Spring 2016 sessions.

Here are some great resources you should check out to help you lead smarter this week:

Five Ways To Lead In Times Of Fear by Thom Rainer via 

As a leader, when tragedy strikes, all eyes shift to you. Suddenly, everything you say and do is now under a microscope. Even though you may be unsure of the current circumstances or are not sure how to respond, Thom lists five ways to lead effectively through fear and the unknown. 

How Does In-Flight Wi-Fi Really Work? by Rick Mitacek via 

I spend a lot of time sitting in a chair in the sky. I usually utilize these hours by catching up on emails and prepping for meetings with my church clients. Ever been curious about how we are able to stay connected from 30,000 feet above the ground? I'm a bit of a geek, so I found this article about different types of wi-fi utilized by airlines and what is in store for the future fascinating. 

Podcast: Remaining Faithful During A Pastoral Transition With Shawn Lovejoy via

In this latest Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast episode, William talks with Shawn Lovejoy, founding pastor of Mountain Lake Church, about his recent pastoral succession. He shares his journey through knowing when it's time to begin the succession conversation and navigating through leaving well. 

One Person No Leader Can Afford To Exclude by Michael Hyatt via

As leaders, we can sometimes underestimate the importance of including spouses. We have retreats and lunches with our employees but rarely think to include their better halves. Michael Hyatt explains why, as a leader, it is crucial to include husbands and wives. 

Are You A Leader Or A Manager? By William Vanderbloemen via

In this article, William explores the differences between simply managing a team and being a leader of a team. By making the transition away from managing, your leadership capacity expands, helping your organization achieve long-term growth goals.

What articles have you been reading this week? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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