Friday Finds - Teachability, Boundaryless Leadership & the Power of Gratitude

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday with friends and family. Faith and I had a joyful time with our kids and family at our new home in Houston.

As you get ready for your weekend and the week ahead, I've selected these five articles to encourage you to lead smarter.

Let me know what you think of these articles in the comments below.

12 Easy Phrases To Massively Improve Your Leadership by Lolly Daskal via

"I trust you" and "it's your call" are just two of twelve powerful phrases Daskal says all leaders should say - and say often. 

How To Get People To Agree With You by Stephanie Vozza via

Whether it's your your team, your congregation, your family, or your neighbor, pitching an idea doesn't need to feel slimy or manipulative. Vozza outlines six tips to successfully convincing others to jump on board with you.

The Power Of Teachability with Pastor Matt Keller; Podcast via

In this most recent Vandercast episode, William Vanderbloemen talks with Pastor Matt Keller about building teams, managing growth, and working alongside your spouse in ministry.

3 Secrets To Boundaryless Leadership by Brad Smith via

In this article, Smith, CEO of Intuit, discusses how boundaryless leadership involves identifying challenge, defining steps, and putting the right team in place to get the job done. 

How To Become A Counter-Terrorist by William Vanderbloemen via

This month's tragedy in Paris was heart-wrenching. In this article, William Vanderbloemen reflects upon the power of gratitude in countering the fear around us.

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