Friday Finds - Difficult Employees, Smart Hobbies and Battling Discouragement

7 Articles To Help You Lead Smarter This Week

Each Friday I'll be sharing some of the best leadership articles I've recently read. I hope these articles help you lead smarter.

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3 Ways To Leave A Leadership Legacy by Shelley Prevost via

When you leave the ministry, business, work environment that you are currently in, will you leave anything behind? Will that place be marked by the way you lead and lived? Prevost gives 3 ways to ensure you will leave a legacy behind.

How To Transform Difficult Employees Into Team Players by Andrew Lavoie via

Ever had the right person with the wrong attitude on your team? Perhaps they have all the right skills to help your ministry grow but bring down the team's morale significantly on a daily basis. Here are several ways to help move those toxic employees to a healthy place on your team. 

5 Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter by Jessica Stillman via

Have you ever considered that the way you spend your free time may have an impact on your job performance? Here are five hobbies that will boost productivity in the workplace.  

The One Thing Managers Aren't Doing That Could Cost Them Employees by Lisa Evans via

New employees, especially millennials, want face time with their boss. They want communication lines between them and their superiors to be open. Lisa Evans writes a great article about the dangers of keeping your employees at a distance.

3 Characteristics Of An Awesome Staff Culture by Holly Tate via

Recently, Vanderbloemen Search Group was ranked #1 Top Company Culture in the nation by In this article, Holly Tate, our Director of Business Development and my associate, discusses the intentionality of building a contagious culture.

7 Effective Ways To Battle Discouragement In Leadership via

I get the chance to interface with many ministry leaders on a weekly basis. Leaders from different states, denominations, backgrounds, and experiences. What is true for nearly all of them is that at one point or another, they have been discouraged in their leadership. Carey Nieuwhof writes a great post on how to combat discouragement.

My Long, Strange Journey To Becoming A Devout Entrepreneur by William Vanderbloemen via

Vanderbloemen Search Group's CEO, William Vanderbloemen, shares his journey from a young boy with a paper route to leading a company that helps churches build great teams. One of my greatest joys in this season is to learn from the business and pastoral mind of William's leadership, and this article gives more insight into the why behind our team's work helping the church.

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