Understanding the Role of the Executive Pastor

Last week, I had a blast visiting with Lydia Landrey from Innovate for Jesus and Phil Taylor, Executive Pastor of Leadership & Development at Mosaic Church in Orlando.

I4J asked Phil and I to talk about our experience as Executive Pastors and what the position entails on a church staff.

This is one of my favorite topics to talk about, especially this week, as 16 Executive Pastors from around the country are coming to our Vanderbloemen Search Group headquarters in Houston for our Executive Pastor Coaching Network.

Some of the questions Lydia asked us are: 

  • What are the different models of the Executive Pastor role?
  • Once a church decides they need the Executive Pastor role on staff, how do you go about finding the right Executive Pastor for your church?
  • Where do you learn Executive Pastor skills, and where do you find people with those skills?
  • How can you recognize and develop people on your team who are demonstrating Executive Pastor skills?
  • What does an Executive Pastor role look like in a high-growth environment as opposed to an environment in decline?
  • What are signs of a healthy Executive Pastor and Senior Pastor relationship?
  • How can Senior Pastors support the leadership of their Executive Pastor?
  • What are the top three reasons to bring an Executive Pastor on staff?

Check out the video below or on I4J's blog for the full 1-hour interview with Phil, Lydia, and me. 

Tim StevensComment