Another Year Gone. Another Year Begins.

Typically I reflect on a year in the rear view mirror remembering events or parties or important family moments, sometimes mixed with sadness from my loss or others. As I look back on 2014 I see a year of significant transition.

One year ago, I never would have guessed…

  • I would resign from Granger Community Church.
  • I would move away from Indiana.
  • I would lose a best friend.
  • I would no longer be a pastor at a local church.
  • I would join up with a world-class company.
  • My lead team would be William, Ben, Bob and Holly instead of Mark, Jason, Kem, Ted, Mark and Sean.
  • Instead of being the most-tenured guy on a staff of 130, I would be the “new guy” on a staff of 24.
  • I would be building a house in Texas.
  • I would be commuting two hours every day through the beautiful city of Houston.
  • After going through a significant job transition, I would have the opportunity to help hundreds of leaders do the same.

Through every step, I’ve enjoyed the love of my family, the encouragement of a few close friends, and the confidence of knowing God has been with me each moment.

And that makes me a very grateful man.

Tim StevensComment