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Executive Pastors' Coaching Network, March 2013

Executive Pastors' Coaching Network, March 2013

I just received this note a few minutes ago from Mike Alexander, the executive pastor at Westside Church in Bend, Oregon:

"I want to again say a big Thank You! to you and the team at Granger for the incredible experience that I had at the Executive Pastor's Coaching Network last fall. My time with you and the rest of the group has already proven priceless!"

Nothing has brought greater satisfaction for me in the past few years than pouring into the men and women who have joined me for the Executive Pastors' Coaching Network. And today I am officially opening up registration for the Fall 2014 group.

A few things you should know...

  • There are only 12-15 slots available. Our most recent network sold-out a couple months before it started.
  • There have been 113 leaders go through the network since 2010, and they have come from 30 different states plus Canada.
  • We have surveyed each group and 100% of the participants have said, "It was worth the investment of time and money."
  • This may be the last one held at Granger and hosted by and with the Granger team. Believe me when I say you want to get in on this one. 
  • You don't have to be an Executive Pastor. If you are involved in strategic planning, budgeting, employment decisions and leading change--this is for you.
  • Many participants wear more than one hat (i.e. they are the worship pastor AND the have executive pastor type of responsibilities). Some are moving toward an XP role. Many have just transitioned from a marketplace job into church ministry.

This coaching network will not be cheap or easy for you. It will involve an investment of money and time, and a commitment to travel (Granger isn't on the way to anywhere). But for those who join me--I promise it will be an experience that will enhance your ministry and take you to the next level of personal leadership.

You will find all the information you need in this document. You'll want to get your application in early as it will likely fill up.

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