These Two Just Might Change the World

There is a lot being said these days about 20-somethings. Many articles and books and surveys and reports bemoan the fact that the church is losing them, and that the viability of the church is at stake if this doesn't get reversed.

I've had a front row seat to a couple of 20-somethings who are going to do something about it. Heather Stevens and Taylor Snodgrass, along with other partners, are going on the road this summer--from Miami to Seattle, from Charlotte to Los Angeles, visiting churches big and small, rural and suburban. For ten weeks they will interview, observe, ask questions and document what they see. Their goal isn't to chastise the church or find out what isn't working. Rather, their only goal is to document and expose what some churches are doing right. They believe that by focusing on what is good, they can give every church ideas on how to reach this next generation.

Ever since the dream was first birthed, the team has grown and the vision has materialized. The trip is being underwritten and sponsored by Auxano--and will result in a book they are publishing in March 2015, authored by Heather, with the results of their findings.

You will want to lean in and pay attention to these two vision-fueled young adults. They are intent on changing the world--and it's just possible this project is the start of that.

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