Dick Morris Illustrates How to Leave an Organization

I have a fair number of disagreements with Dick Morris and Fox News (in fact, I haven't watched cable news since the 2012 elections)--but I thought his answer after getting fired from the Fox News Channel was spectacular. Even after Piers Morgan attempted to corner him again and again, Morris would not say anything bad about his former employer.

Take two minutes to watch this video...

Someday you may choose to leave an organization (like I did recently)--or you might even get fired. Here is a list of principles to consider when leaving a position:

  • It is not disingenuous or fake to keep your mouth shut. You don’t have to say everything you are thinking to every person who asks.
  • Focus on the good years, not the bad days. Just as Morgan did with Dick Morris, people who want you to say something spiteful will bait you. Instead, focus on everything good that came out of your tenure.
  • If you need to talk, and you probably will, save it for your spouse, a far-removed friend, or a counselor. If you worked for a church, don’t talk to anyone in the church, or any former work associate about your issues.
  • Your future employer will pay attention to how you talk about your former employer. I was advised recently: "People remember how you left far longer than they remember what you did while you were there."
  • The things stated on Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media are permanent. Even if you delete them, they can be found.

 Above all, it is the name of Jesus that is at stake. We are followers of Jesus, and people are watching us. It’s important that we rise above our own feelings, remember our actions matter, and above all honor one another and bring him glory.

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