One Cold and Frigid Night

My publisher (Thomas Nelson) called in early February and asked for a quick promotional video for Fairness is Overrated. It doesn't release until next January, but they were hosting a big sales conference and wanted to feature my book.  They said, "Just look into your phone and tell us about the book."

Uh, no thanks. 

You've heard it said about someone who is good at sales: "They could sell ice to an Eskimo." Well the opposite is true of me. I suck at selling stuff.

So I called my friends at BXFilms and hired them to help me make a promotional video. Along with some help from some friends, we spent six hours in the old Studebaker Factory (it was 21 degrees indoors). I'll show you the finished video in a few weeks, but for now enjoy this behind-the-scenes capture of the cold February night...

Tim StevensComment