A Girl. A Dream. A Passion.

I know this 20-year old girl. In fact, I've known her for her entire life. She has always been driven. She has always known what she's wanted and gone after it with all her passion and energy.

And right now she is on a mission. Heather Stevens sees something deeply wrong with many American churches. She sees many of her generation leaving the church and never coming back. And it troubles her deeply. 

She has decided not to just sit still and let it happen. She wants to research it. She wants to understand the problem. She wants to help churches find a solution.

So Heather is putting together a 10-week cross-country tour next summer. She will be visiting churches that are known to attract 20-somethings rather than repel them. She will be asking hard questions, recording her research, and then publishing a book with the results.

To get her research started--she needs your help. There is a short survey that will take only a few minutes to fill out. Anyone can fill it out--but she especially wants to hear from two categories of people: 1) 20-somethings, and 2) Pastors or church leaders.

Help Heather make a difference--spend 15 minutes and answer the questions on this survey.


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