A Decision to Learn


It's your decision. You are either going to learn a lot in the next season--or you won't. You are either going to connect with a tremendous group of men and women who are peers and can become an amazing resource--or you'll continue to figure out things on your own. Decide in advance. Before summer. If you wait to make this decision until the end of summer, you life will be too busy and you will have missed an opportunity. That’s why you need to decide now.

I’m talking about the Executive Pastors’ Coaching Network. In the past five years, more than 80 men and women have experienced this learning community. And every single leader has said it was worth the time and money spent. They have come from churches as large as 12,000 and as small as 20. There have been leaders who have been in ministry for decades—and others who just transitioned from the business world into a church position.

You might say, “But I’m not an Executive Pastor.” Less than half the alumni who have gone through the group actually carry the title of Executive Pastor. They are sometimes called Pastor of Administration, Chief of Staff or Executive Director. Many have been leaders who wear multiple hats—perhaps a children’s director or worship leader who are transitioning to an emerging role. I’ve had several senior pastors who are wearing the dual hat of Executive Pastor (or who are trying to figure out what they need in an Executive Pastor). If you are involved in strategic planning, budgeting, employment decisions or leading change for a church—then you have executive duties and would probably find this learning community a good fit.

You will travel to Granger three times. We will meet a total of six full days, and you will get to know me and the Granger staff inside and out. You will experience a staff meeting, book studies and the culture of our team. You will be up close and personal to see how we process decisions, what our structure looks like, and what challenges we are facing in real time. After our time together, you will walk away with a group of peers who you can lean on to help through new challenges or transitions that come before you. I believe it will be the most valuable learning experience you have ever engaged for your role and position.

The group is limited to around 12 leaders. The first session begins September 30, and there are already 4 spots filled—so don’t delay.

You'll find everything you need to know in this handy PDF:  Fall 2013 EP Coaching Summary

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