A Life That Counted

IMG_3102There are some words from one of Patrick's final blog post that I keep reading over and over...

I am ready. I know my time is down to weeks, not months.  I have accepted that this is the path God placed me on.  I would not have chosen it.  I don’t like it.  However, I am submitted that God in His Sovereignty, decided before all of time to give me a shorter life on earth.  And if it keeps His name going forward and promotes His Kingdom, then who am I to question it?  Who am I but God’s servant placed here to bring Him glory?  It’s not supposed to be about me…it’s about Him.  If this promotes His Kingdom and Christ’s name, then so be it.  Just like Joseph, Job, Daniel, Esther and many others throughout Scripture who ended up in circumstances that they did not ask for and they surely did not like, I daily must choose to focus on submitting to God’s will, crying out for His grace and pointing to my Savior.  After all, my sins are still my worst problem and Christ took care of that.  (December 5th, 2012)

Last night, December 26th at 10:05pm, Patrick McGoldrick took his last breath. He was surrounded by family and love, and left a life of suffering and pain behind to look into the eyes of Jesus for the first time.

If you never knew Patrick, take time to read through the 34 blog posts he wrote during his final year of life. You will be as inspired as you are challenged. Or watch his last sermon, given last April to a packed house of more than 1600 people.

Services are being planned to honor a man who died the same way he lived--focused on Jesus.

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