A 13-Year Project Finally Complete

It is a project we began planning in 1999 for a space that would add value to our community. Here are some of the descriptive phrases we wrote down in one of our early dream sessions:

Edgy. Intriguing. Engaging.

A 'destination.' You aren't just passing through, but many times you go there on purpose.

Feels open and spacious, even when full.

Mixed floor textures, some carpet, some stained concrete; and varied wall surfaces such as stone, metal, concrete and wood.

Warehouse-y -- open truss, urban, unfinished.

Lots of light coming in during the day, and it "glows" at night, inviting you in from the outside. It looks stimulating, makes you curious.

It took hundreds of hours of planning.

It took thousands of people giving sacrificially.

It took a few turns and disappointments, and a tenacity to get back up and keep moving forward.

But it is now finished. The new Atrium space at Granger Commons is a space that not only serves Granger Community Church on the weekend, but is becoming a gathering space for the community through the week.

Tim Stevens5 Comments