Looking for a Few Good Men (or Women)

You may know the story of my brother-in-law, Patrick McGoldrick. One year ago he was living life, enjoying his wife (my sister Dena) and teens (Paige and Parker). He was active as a youth pastor in his church for 12 years, loved playing soccer, and brought the party to every room he entered. Then, shortly after Thanksgiving, he received the awful news that he had Lou Gehrig disease (ALS). It is incurable and terminal.

Today he is no longer able to speak or walk. He mostly eats through a feeding tube, and needs help to do even the most basic things like scratching an itch or picking up a fork. Life has completely changed for him, my sister, their kids and the people around them who love them. And every day brings new challenges.

But you know what? Patrick still believes God is sovereign. He still believes he has a purpose for living every day that he has breath. I know he struggles with ups and downs, but you wouldn't know it when you see him. He still believes God is good and his smile is contagious. I sat with him a few weeks ago while we were worshiping at Granger and his enthusiasm was elevating everyone who was around him.

I am launching a book project to help Patrick's legacy continue. He has selected a compilation of sermons that he has preached in recent years--including his final sermon from this past April--and we are going to publish these in a book. These are sermons that define what he believes and will help his message live on--now that he can't speak, and later when he is no longer on this earth.

All of the money (100%) from the book will go to help his family after he is gone. In order to maximize the benefit for Patrick's family--I am looking for at least 5 volunteers on this project:

  1. Transcribe audio sermons to a Word document
  2. Edit for grammar, spelling, etc.
  3. Design the Cover
  4. Layout & coordination with Amazon's publishing-on-demand service
  5. Website design with landing page and info about the book

I will be the project manager for the book, so you would be working with me. Leave a comment below (or send me an email) if you think you can help out. We want to complete this project as quickly as possible so it is able to bless as many people as possible while Patrick is still with us. The transcribing can begin immediately--the rest of it will follow soon after.

Note: If you aren't gifted at any of the above skills, but would like to donate specifically for this project, that would allow me to hire certain portions (in case I can't find volunteers who can get it done quickly). Just let me know.

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