Healthy Leadership Teams

There was a time when Tony Morgan and I would wake up each morning, go on a walk together, sip coffee while telling stories, and then work on making the Church a better place. Okay, most of that was not true. But we did work together for eight years, wrote three books with each other, and raised our families side by side. So I'm always excited when Tony comes out with new material. Not just because he is a friend, but because he's a brilliant strategic thinker who is helping church leaders everywhere take steps. I just read his newest ebook, Take the Lid off Your Church, which is a step-by-step tool for helping pastors build a healthy senior leadership team.

Some notable direct quotes...

  • It's never too early to begin developing your senior leadership team.
  • The capacity of this team will determine the potential impact of your ministry.
  • They fill the gap between vision and execution.
  • If they aren't leaders, they shouldn't be on this team.
  • As churches grow, the senior leadership team will have to work hard to keep everyone focused on the church's overall vision and ministry strategy.
  • It's important that you go slow in the hiring process.
  • These leaders prioritize the church's health over what's happening in their specific ministry areas.
  • Create an environment where pushback or alternatives are welcomed but unity is still expected.
  • Good leaders will leave your organization if they aren't empowered to make decisions and lead.

The best thing about Tony's book? You don't have to wait to get it. You can download it right now for $2.99 at Amazon.

Tim Stevens5 Comments