The Illusion of Politics

Morgan Young is a man whom I know and trust--and he has just released a new e-book called, Christ's Followers New Clothes: The Illusion of Politics. It is short, timely, and full of wisdom. In an era when we are pulled to political extremes, Morgan calls for us to follow the way of Jesus. Some of my favorite quotes:

The odor of justice and the perfume of grace smell nothing alike. Justice gives people what they deserve. Grace gives us what we do not deserve. Politics embraces a justice culture and will employ any means necessary, to achieve the goal of a political party. This is ungrace. The way of politics is justice. The way of Jesus is grace.

There is a way that seems right when it comes to the wrongs of our society. It is the political way, the American way. It is a no-holds-barred fight. When we lock arms with a political party, we are embracing the tactics and the spirit of that party; the party values -- winning at any cost, mud-slinging, spinning quotes out of context, speaking ill of people, and the like. That way of politics is a fight by any means necessary. The way of Jesus says that any means other than loving ones are wrong.

I’ve noticed something in the last thirty years or so. It’s incredibly clear where Christ followers are on every social ill. No one with a pulse has to guess where we stand on all the hot-button political issues. Has all this effort on our part, making America aware of where we stand, done anything to deter anything? Is homosexuality or abortion on the decline because we’ve condemned them? Perhaps we Christ followers are part of the problem. What if issues like these aren’t on the decline because we have taken political stands rather than lovingly interacted in the ways of Jesus? What if we are part of the problem because we have excelled at the ministry of condemnation more so than embodying the ministry of reconciliation?

Knowing someone is in the wrong and condemning them for it: the way of politics. Knowing someone is in the wrong and lovingly interacting with them: the way of Jesus.

In this political season (which I absolutely love!), it might be time to take a few minutes to consider how Jesus would approach the issues. This e-book won't take you long to read and will be worth your time.

Oh, did I mention that the download is free?


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