All the Rules are Changing

I'm asking you to consider joining me at the Re-Innovate Conference in September. Why? Good question.

There are a lot of same old conferences talking about the same old stuff. But we all know that stuff doesn't work very well anymore. We are living in the new normal. The stuff that worked a few years ago is no longer making a difference. The things we did to guarantee success don't have the same impact. All the rules are changing.

You have a thousand choices for conferences to attend this fall. There are great conferences where you can experience amazing worship with thousands of others. There are great conferences to hear world-class leadership talks. There are great conferences that are focused on a very specific area (such as youth ministry or church administration).

But Re-Innovate is different. It is an experience for the entire team. It is highly practical. The sessions are short and to the point. The choices are vast. The environment is inspiring and conducive for learning. The speakers and session leaders don't hide in a green room...they spend time in the halls talking with you about your issues.

It's not theory. The conference is hosted by church leaders for church leaders.

We aren't going to tell you how to do stuff. We aren't going to tell you to copy what we did. We are just going to share our story. God has been doing some crazy stuff in the past year, and you are going to hear some real-life re-innovation stories like these...

  • The decision to hold services in a casino.
  • The vision that compelled a couple to give $1 million as their first gift.
  • The faith that resulted in another local church gifting their building to Granger as their last order of business before closing down.
  • The choice to cancel a service for football.
  • The pain behind the loss of one of our pastors (a close friend!) who messed up.
  • The mission that drove us to re-name the campus, open a restaurant, and build space that looks like a hotel lobby in order to reach the community.
  • The process of crowd-sourcing the vision with thousands of people (rather than just announcing the vision).
  • The story of losing our vision before finding it again.

The best thing about Re-Innovate is it will be just us. There won't be thousands of people. Just a few hundred--that means you can pretty much talk to anyone you want. Mark Beeson, Rob Wegner, Kem Meyer, Mark Waltz, Shawn Lovejoy, Jason Miller, Tony Morgan, Tim Chandler and many other leaders will be there to serve you.

So I ask again, would you join me for the Re-Innovate Conference in September? The early bird rate ends soon--and the best discounts are for entire teams. That's intentional. Learning happens best in community.

Don't think about it too long. Time is running out.

Tim Stevens2 Comments