Calling All Executive Pastors

There are times when I can't believe I get to do my job. One of the best parts of my job is getting to spend time with Executive Pastors and key leaders from churches all over the country. Every six months or so, we launch another Executive Pastors Coaching Network. Over the past 5 years, there have been 68 men and women who have graduated from the network--and not a week goes by that I don't continue to interact with two or three of them. It truly has been an experience that has sharpened me and helped scores of churches. The mix of leaders is always interesting to me: I've had leaders from church plants that haven't even started yet, and leaders from churches over 10,000; there have been leaders of denominational churches and independent churches, rural, suburban and urban, contemporary and traditional. I've had men and women leaders. There have been many who carry the title "Executive Pastor," while others are called Executive Director or Administrative Pastor. Some wear more than one hat--so they might lead worship or run the children's ministry in addition to their operational duties. They have also come from all over the United States and Canada.

I get to launch another network beginning in September--and today is the first day I'm announcing open registration. There will be no more than 16 accepted into the fall network, and three of the slots are already filled, so if you have an interest (or know a leader in your church who would be a good fit), I encourage you to download the PDF below and begin the application.

Here are some comments from my most recent group of leaders...

The XP Coaching Network was invaluable.  This is not your typical conference, where you sit and listen.  Tim does a great job of catering to specific issues of the group and stimulating discussion and providing insights into those areas.  I came away not only more informed but more developed and ready to lead our staff.  Just as important to me is the fact that the relationships aren't contained to our time at Granger.  Tim and his team have done a great job of setting up avenues of communication among the group outside the "classroom."

It’s some of the most practical training you'll receive and some of the most open handed sharing of ministry ideas, practices and even resources. What you'll learn from Tim, the presenters and the rest of the coaching network members will equip you to lead stronger!

Very helpful method to get much relevant information in short period of time. Great time to forge friendships and give and receive words of encouragement.

If someone is looking for a practical, hands-on, group learning environment, I couldn't imagine one more customized and broad at the same time.

It’s always good to have multiple people to call on when you run into something you haven't seen or done before.

I believe in many ways it's more helpful than seminary.

Environments like this are hard to find. Developing relationships in this type of setting can help propel ministry forward for years to come. The years of experience Tim brings to the room help in the moment and future.

This coaching network will not be cheap or easy for you. It will involve an investment of money and time, and a commitment to travel (Granger isn't on the way to anywhere). But for those who join me--I promise it will be an experience that will enhance your ministry and take you to the next level of personal leadership.

Follow this link to download the PDF with all the information you will need.

Tim Stevens6 Comments