McGoldrick Family Fund

Since 1989, Patrick & Dena McGoldrick have spent their lives helping teens, most recently at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Roseville, MI. Literally thousands of students have been impacted in Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan because of their ministry. On December 5, 2011, Patrick was diagnosed with ALS. This is a life-ending disease for which there is no cure. A few people live many years with ALS, but most do not. Patrick's disease is progressing quickly—and his ability to speak is becoming more difficult each day. In April, he preached his last message at his church, and they will soon be going on disability as they deal with the realities of this terrible disease.

Patrick and Dena have lived generous lives, giving of themselves to help others. Patrick has a small life insurance policy which will pay for basic living needs for Dena, but will not be near enough to cover college costs that are coming around the corner (Paige begins in August, and Parker begins a year later). There are also some big expenses likely coming as they face the future, such as: an accessible vehicle, chair lifts, ramps to get in the house and more.

The family and friends of the McGoldrick's have started a fund that will be used entirely for the McGoldrick family. This is primarily a college fund for Paige and Parker--but it may also be used for some of these larger expenses related to his disease.

The integrity of the funds will be overseen by: Me (Dena is my sister), Tim Wright (from Calvary Baptist in Covington, KY) and Dave Kaynor (from Cornerstone Baptist in Roseville, MI). If you have any questions, please send me an email, or speak with either of these other men.

You can link to the donation page by clicking the button below. Every size gift matters--thank you for whatever you can do.

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