We Are Looking for a Student Ministries Director


You may have heard we are looking around the world for the right person to fill the role of Student Ministries Director at Granger.

You may have also heard we've engaged the services of the Vanderbloemen Search Group to help us in this search.

But did you read the description of who we are looking for?

Many youth pastors measure their success on what they can do. The person in this role will measure success by what they equip others to do.


He or she will be a visible catalytic leader for Student Ministries - providing energizing teaching and leadership for the students and leaders, and maintaining a strong connection to the parents of the students.


The successful candidate will have a proven record of developing systems and processes for effective communication and growth of all aspects of the ministry.


They will lead and reproduce disciples authentically with passion and will also have a strong work ethic and team-oriented mindset.

Know someone like this? Make sure to have them apply soon.

Tim Stevens4 Comments