Vision: Lost and Found

UPDATE: Now available on Amazon!

My newest book is at the printer and will be published by the end of the month. There...I said it! I've been waiting for months to be able to tell you about this newest project. I can't fully explain how deep writing is in my DNA, and therefore how exhilarating it is to share it with others. Perhaps it's like a songwriter who hears her song performed for the first time, or like a mom who carries a child and gets to hold it for the first time, or a preacher who finally gets to communicate his message after weeks of preparation. Whatever it is--writing pulls from the deepest parts of my being and gives me a voice to thoughts that are jumbled when coming through my lips.

This book, called Vision: Lost and Found is the story of Granger, especially in recent years, as we've gone through some ups and downs.

I asked a friend to review the book for me as I was finishing the writing. She is a businesswoman, not a church professional, so I especially appreciated her words:

I found the story to be compelling, incredibly raw, and painfully honest.

If I would have had the time to read it in one sitting, I would have.

The story rolls off the page easily and I found myself celebrating the Early Years, grieving during The Big Jolt and The Funk, and rejoicing during The Recovery and shaping of The Vision.

I was surprised by the parallels between the Granger story and our own business story...I'm guessing many businesses will be able to easily relate to your story at some level and be inspired by the many elements represented: commitment, perseverance, courage, team, timing and vision.

The book is being published as part of the Exponential Resources series. It will be a couple weeks before you can buy a copy. However, if you are attending the Exponential Conference in Orlando next week, you'll have a chance to get a free copy, thanks to RSI Church Stewardship. They have purchased 1,000 copies to give away at the conference.

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