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This weekend it was awesome to hear a portion of the story of Ed Dobson, a great man with a terrible disease. He has been a good friend to my sister and her husband--ever since December when Patrick was diagnosed with ALS. We had Ed, Lorna, Patrick and Dena over for dinner on Saturday evening. I felt a bit like an outsider watching two men of God, both counting each new day as a blessing, talk about life and God's sovereignty. I delighted in hearing them laugh together--which is a bit odd in a funny kind of way since they both struggle somewhat with laughing.

I don't know how often you have been in the presence of someone who is dying. But each time it seems like I am in the presence of greatness--of someone who understands better than I what is really important. The truth is, I may die before either Ed or Patrick, but when you have your health it is difficult to live in the reality of your mortality.

A few years ago, a YouTube video went viral and millions of people watched the Last Lecture of Randy Pausch, a professor from Carnegie Mellon. People tuned in to hear what a man with a death sentence would say with his final words.

Another such opportunity is coming this weekend. Here is a portion of an email my brother-in-law sent out recently...

By now you are aware that I have ALS.  At this point it appears to be moving at a moderate to fast speed. Bob Johnson, our senior pastor, has expressed his desire to have me preach on a Sunday morning, for one last time.  My voice is rapidly deteriorating in strength, and my words are very slow and slurred.  After prayer, I agreed to this as I believe I have a message I want to communicate regarding trusting God because He is sovereign.
Whether you know Patrick or not, I invite you to hear a man of God share what is on his heart. Ed Dobson has had ALS for 11 years and is still able to speak. Patrick has had ALS for four months, and is rapidly losing his speech. It will likely be his last message at the church where he has served for twelve years. I invite you to join me.

April 22nd, 10:45am

Cornerstone Baptist Church

17017 Twelve Mile Road

Roseville, MI

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