A Leader in Waiting

One of the greatest privileges of my life has been to work with some amazing leaders—and one of those leaders is Jeff Bell. Jeff was on staff at Granger from 2008 to 2011. Even before that, I knew Jeff & Leslee when they moved into a home around the corner from us. Four things you need to know about Jeff…

  1. He loves his wife and family. He has his priorities exactly right: Before being a pastor, he is a husband and daddy.  As a neighbor and a co-worker, I watched him serve his family, sacrifice for their needs, and engage them in ministry. His wife, Leslee, has always served right alongside Jeff in his church roles—she is an amazing woman of God and all-around fun person.
  2. He is a dynamic leader. Jeff is the guy who walks in the room and lights it up. His personality is catalytic and attractive. He effortlessly motivates people toward Jesus and the cause. At Granger, Jeff led the way in launching our first multisite ministry—it got started off with tremendous strength due in large part to his influence.
  3. He loves the Church. Jeff is a pastor. He truly cares for the people he leads and does everything he can to help them take their next step. He’s a great teacher, and spoke on the main stage at Granger several times.
  4. He is available. Jeff left Granger (on great terms!) in 2011 to re-engage at a church in Portland he helped plant many years ago. That didn’t turn out to be a good fit for he and his family—so he’s looking for a church where he can use his gifts with a high-capacity team.

Jeff has my high endorsement. If you are looking for someone like Jeff, I encourage you to email him or stalk him on Facebook or his blog.

Tim Stevens2 Comments