Stacy Spencer: "God's Not Going to Give You a Lot Until You Can Handle a Little"

Stacy Spencer was a youth pastor for 11 years, then planted a church and grew it from 60 to 13,000 in about ten years. He closed off the first day at Velocity 2012...

  • I found myself not wanting to be around the people I was supposed to be leading.
  • There is a lot of drama in leading a church. Anytime you bring a group of people together, there will be drama.
  • Sometimes the drama can lead you to be disconnected from God.
  • Everyone starts out humble--but somewhere along the way we start reading our press clippings and thinking we did it.
  • Peter started following Jesus from a distance--close enough to see where He was going, but not close enough to be associated as a follower.
  • It is the death nail on your ministry when you are too big to be accountable.
  • God's not going to give you a lot until you can handle a little.
  • It's more important that you grow disciples than grow the size of your church.
This dude has energy! Great session.
Tim Stevens1 Comment